Iran's national handball team advanced from its group in the world championship after Chile losing against Montenegro.

Iran PressEurope: The first four matches of the sixth day of the Poland-Sweden Handball world championship ended while the match between the national teams of Montenegro and Chile was influential in the advance of the Iranian national handball team.

In Group A, Iran's national team won against Chile in the first match, and in the second match, they lost to Montenegro in a close match, and from 23:00 on Monday evening, they have faced Spain in the last group stage.

However, the advance of Iran's national handball team tonight depended on one of the most sensitive games between the national teams of Chile and Montenegro, when Chile lost the game with a score of 35-33.

With this result, the national teams of Iran, Montenegro and Spain advanced from Group A of the World Championship and were among the top 24 teams in the world.

Therefore, the Iranian national team will stay in Krakow to play with the top three teams of Group B in the next stage.

This is the first time that the Iranian men's national handball team advances to the main stage of the world championship. 219