Brazilian politician Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been sworn in for a third term as Brazil's president in the capital Brasilia.

Iran PressAmerica: Lula arrived at Sunday's ceremony in a presidential Rolls Royce, closely flanked by security officers, alongside Vice President-elect Geraldo Alckmin.

"I promise to maintain, defend and fulfill the Constitution, observe the laws, promote the general good of the Brazilian people, uphold the unity, integrity and independence of Brazil," said Lula in a lengthy speech.

Lula thanked the Brazilian people for the confidence that they had shown by voting him in for a third term.

He also highlighted the importance of Brazil's electoral system in the country.

Ole ole ola Lula chanted a number of officials as they celebrated his victory in between parts of his speech.

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Lula also touched on the role of Petrobras, the state-owned Brazilian oil and gas company, and the need to boost small and mid-size businesses in the country.

On environmental policy, Lula highlighted the importance of the green energy transition, underscoring the importance of slashing gas emissions, achieving zero deforestation in the Amazon, reusing abandoned lands, and the Indigenous ministry following the "injustices committed against Indigenous peoples".

He also discussed Brazil's own production model, suggesting it had the "technical capacity" to focus on its own production of goods.

Lula also underlined his commitment to ensuring all Brazilians can eat three meals a day, suggesting it was the result of "the devastation that has been imposed on the country in recent years", without referring to Jair Bolsonaro's presidency.

The new leader also pushed for dialogue between the government and labor unions to approve new labor legislation.

Prior to the ceremony, officials paid tribute to the country's football icon Pele who passed away this week. In addition, police detained a man with a knife and fireworks attempting to enter Lula's inauguration.

Former President Jair Bolsonaro did not attend.


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