The Iranian athlete stands at the top of the world weightlifting rankings in 2022.

Iran PressIran news: The world weightlifting ranking in 2022 was officially announced, and Iranian athletes are also present in this list.

Iranian weightlifter Rasul Motamedi, despite missing the recently held Colombia World Championships due to injury, is at the top of the world rankings in the 102 kg category with a total record of 400 kg.

Also, Alireza Moeini, another Iranian weightlifter, stood in second place in the 89 youth category with a total of 357 kg. Moeini is sixth in the 96 youth category with a total of 348 kg.

Rasool Motamedi, after temporarily changing his weight and participating in the 109 kg category, won the third world rank by registering a total of 397 kg.