A sprawling winter storm left at least nine people dead, emptied airports and shut down highways as dangerous conditions upended holiday plans. Nearly 1.2 million US citizens nationwide were without electricity.

Iran PressAmerica: Multiple people are dead, and more than 1 million customers have been left without power. Holiday travelers are encountering delays and cancellations after a monstrous winter storm sent temperatures plunging across much of the United States. 

The brutal cold is expected to continue through the holiday weekend for much of the eastern U.S., with wind chill alerts extending all the way to South Florida.

More than 200 million people were under an advisory or warning on Friday, the National Weather Service said. The weather service’s map “depicts one of the greatest extents of winter weather warnings and advisories ever,” forecasters said.

Power outages have left about 1.4 million homes and businesses in the dark, according to the website Power Outage, which tracks utility reports. The Tennessee Valley Authority, the nation’s largest public utility, ended its rolling blackouts Friday afternoon but continued to urge homes and businesses to conserve power. In Georgia, hundreds of people in Atlanta and northern parts of the state were without power and facing the possibility of sub-zero wind chills without heat. 219