AEOI head:

Tehran (IP) - The head of the Atomic Energy Organization emphasized that Iran's enrichment rate has reached more than double the entire history of this industry.

Iran PressIran News: In line with the implementation of the "Strategic Action Law to Lift Sanctions and Protect the Interests of the Iranian Nation," approved by Iran's parliament, the Islamic Republic of Iran stopped extra-security surveillance and the voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol on February 23, 2021.

Speaking in a meeting with the members of the strategic faction of the parliament, Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Mohammed Eslami said: "The strategic action law was a good law for the development of the nuclear industry, and today the implementation of this law has brought the enrichment to a level that currently the enrichment capacity of the country is so much that it has reached double of the entire history of this industry."

The members of the strategic faction of Iran's Parliament attended the Atomic Energy Organization meeting and met with the head, specialists and managers of this organization in person.

At the beginning of this meeting, the head of the faction, Mohammad Reza Mir Tajeddini, in a speech honoring the memory of the nuclear martyrs, said:

"Despite the efforts of the enemies to extinguish the burning torch of nuclear knowledge and technology of the country, every year we witness new achievements in this industry by the hands of domestic experts, and the nuclear martyrs proved with their blood the indisputable right of the peaceful nuclear industry of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

Mir Tajeddini emphasized: "We will not give up on our nuclear right, and despite the enmities and obstacles of the West and the East we have reached a place in the way of acquiring nuclear knowledge and technology with the efforts of Iranian scientists, where we have access to both indigenous knowledge and deterrence."

Kamalvandi: The Strategic Action Law; source of good conditions for Iran

In the meeting, the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Behrouz Kamalvandi, also said: "The Strategic Action Law created good conditions for the country, and today our enrichment is based on this law, and it has officially reached 60% and along with continuous and uninterrupted research and development, the evolution of new generation centrifuge machines is in the best condition."

Referring to the media statements of the West from time to time regarding other options, he said: "It is a clear fact that such words are only used for media and propaganda, and Iran's nuclear capacities will undoubtedly impose the facts on them."


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