The US House of Representatives on Thursday passed a new version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that provides $847.3 billion, increasing the defense budget by 8%.

Iran PressAmerica: House lawmakers passed the NDAA in a vote of 350-80, advancing the legislation to consideration by the Senate, who is slated to pass it before the end of the year. The bill required a two-thirds majority to advance, and received both bipartisan support and opposition, with 45 Democrats and 35 Republicans voting against it.

The $847.3 billion discretionary funding topline for the Fiscal Year 2023 included in the NDAA does not account for $11 billion in national defense authorizations outside the jurisdiction of the House Armed Services Committee. Congress is providing billions more than requested by US President Joe Biden.

Lawmakers included the Taiwan Enhanced Resilience Act in the NDAA, which would authorize up to $10 billion in security assistance to modernize Taiwan’s security capabilities. The legislation also includes $800 million for the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative – $500 million more than requested by Biden for Ukraine.

The bill provides a 4.6% pay raise to US military service members and Pentagon civilian employees among other efforts to address the cost of living increases amid rising inflation.

The bill also includes a measure to sanction individuals engaged in significant transactions of gold with Russia.