Ankara (IP) – Iran's ambassador to Turkiye said that within the framework of the Iranian government's policies of providing more support to Iranian citizens abroad, special consular services are being supplied to Iranians in the cities of Ankara, Istanbul, Trabzon, and Erzurum.

Iran PressAsia: In an interview with Iran Press in Ankara, Mohammad Farazmand, Iranian ambassador to Turkiye, said: "Extensive consular services outside the official Iranian embassies in Turkiye started with the COVID outbreak and are carried out several times every year."

He noted that consular services, including passport renewal and replacement, translation of driver's licenses, and other consular services, are being carried out in political and consular missions of Iran in Ankara, Istanbul, Trabzon, and Erzurum.

The ambassador of Iran in Turkey pointed out the successful experience of Iranian consular groups in Istanbul to provide services to Iranians living in western Turkiye in Izmir Province and the consular group of the Iranian embassy in Ankara to provide services to Iranians living in southern regions of Turkiye continues since the COVID outbreak.

He highlighted that with the infrastructural development of consular services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, suitable conditions had been provided to provide all consular services to Iranians abroad online.

Farazmand said that the latest announcements and consular rules for Iranians abroad are communicated to Iranians living abroad through virtual systems managed by Iran's political and consular agencies. No request has been left unanswered.


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