Tehran(IP)- Iran's Security Council issued a statement regarding the recent events, announcing that 200 people lost their lives in the riots, saying: "The appeasement of the Islamic system with the rioters has caused the protest of the majority of the people."

Iran PressIran News: Iran's security council issued a statement and explained the recent events

The text of the statement of Iran's Security Council is as follows:

The Security Council of Iran, considering the beginning and continuation of the riots, indicates a hybrid war against the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of weakening national solidarity and pushing back the progress of the country, and basically diverting the real demands of the people, according to the general demand of the people, in order to improve the level of social security, provides the following explanations:

The Islamic Republic of Iran, with its religious democratic system, has been the anchor of regional stability and security during the last four decades.

The failure of the coup, the terrorist actions of the counter-revolutionary and separatist groups in the first decade of the Islamic Revolution, the repelling of the invasion of the Baathist regime of Iraq during the Holy Defense period, and the maintenance of national security in the turbulent environment of West Asia with the repeated military aggression of the United States and ISIS terrorism, all show a high-security capability based on the model of people-based security.

The national authority in the Islamic Republic of Iran is based on the maximum participation of the people in the religious democracy system, for this reason, the focus point of the enemy is the people and the Velayat Faghih (the rule of the highest religious authority).

In the past year, the 13th Administration has put its program on reforming economic structures, social justice, and fighting corruption to improve public livelihood with the discourse of "People-oriented administration and a strong Iran".

The accumulation of a large number of union requests and economic demands on the part of the dear people of the country has been the main concern, and the main effort of the administration has been to solve them. On the other hand, the administration has pursued multilateral diplomacy, while promoting relations with its neighbors, joining economic unions with emerging powers, and negotiating with the West about the JCPOA, by standing up for national interests and, specifically, the immediate lifting of oppressive sanctions.

The administration's approach, without getting involved in marginal issues, is focused on reforming the processes and structures for diligent progress so that the country is placed on the threshold of economic surge after years of internal and external sanctions.

No direct action by law enforcement personnel has led to the death of Mrs. Amini

In a situation where the country has reached political peace, the neutralization of sanctions and economic stability after the major project of targeting the preferred currency, and the administration has to face the roots of socio-economic dissatisfaction in the areas of housing, employment, marginalization, social harms, etc, as a result of the wrong policies of development in the past decades, the enemy turned to the hybrid war with the desperation of the strategy of maximum pressure.

The impressive death of Mrs. "Mahsa Amini" after being present at the moral security police unit of Tehran on September 16 caused the enemy to accelerate its complex design in the hybrid war that was started under various pretexts.

Therefore, although the official reports of the Forensic Medicine Organization, the Parliament, the Police Command and also the expert opinions of committed doctors of the country showed that no direct action by the law enforcement personnel has led to the death of Mrs. Amini, the riots started under this pretext and basically the matter of the deceased was forgotten.

Peaceful protests were quickly turned into illegal processes and street riots by the negative atmosphere of the terrorist media (BBC and Saudi-sponsored Iran International TV). Within a short period of time, with the actions of a network of professional and organized rioters led by the British-Saudi media smear campaign, it turned into riots and terrorist acts.

Direct attacks on security, military, and law enforcement centers, killing innocents for political goals among the protesting crowd, destruction of medical centers and ambulances, as well as extensive destruction of public places such as municipalities, fire engines, mosques, banks and private property of people were on the agenda.

200 people have lost their lives in recent riots

The enemy also intended to create an excuse to deprive the people of comfort and spread unrest on the street through widespread psychological warfare and false killings of innocent people for political goals through consensus building among anti-revolutionary groups and by inciting some celebrities. Therefore, what is in front of people's eyes today is not civil protest, but destruction, violence, and insecurity by a minority of rioters, which paves the ground for the entry and abuse of separatist groups and ISIS terrorism to carry out brutal attacks on innocent and oppressed countrymen, such as what happened in the third shrine of Ahl al-Bayt Shahcheragh of Shiraz or the terrorist attack of Izeh.

Investigations by the relevant authorities show that, as a result of the aforementioned riots, more than 200 people have lost their lives, which can be categorized as the security forces, and civilians in terrorist acts, innocent victims of the project of killing by the outfits who died in the situation where the ensuring security was in its limited level, rioters and armed counter-revolutionary elements of the separatist gangs.

The zealous and noble Iranian tribes in the border provinces of the country have recently been the targets of the enemy's plots to turn the protests into an ethnic and religious conflict.

The riots were planned with the entry of separatist groups in the provinces of Sistan and Baluchistan, Kurdistan and West Azarbaijan with the aim of creating cycles of violence and disintegration in the ranks of the nation.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Leader's praise of the Kurds and Baloch ethnicities, as well as his special measures for the field management of the Zahedan incidents in separating the innocent victims, consoling them and calling them martyrs, have realized stability and peace.

It is necessary to emphasize that the continuation of this positive and reforming approach, away from any pressure and political partisanship, is the definite will of the Islamic Republic of Iran system in managing the ethnic-religious situation in different parts of the country.

Regarding the protesters, the Islamic Republic of Iran has tried to deal with maximum security tolerance and put political measures to attract maximum attention on the agenda.

What's more, in explaining the right to protest and distinguishing it from riots, the President of the Islamic Republic mentioned three components: dialogue, criticism, and protest with the aim of reform. It should be mentioned: In the 13th administration, during the past year, at least four specific measures have been taken to institutionalize the right to protest and organize this issue: holding Party House elections as a venue for political dialogues, organizing trade unions, supporting NGOs and the drafting of regulations for holding legal gatherings and marches are among them.

The enemy's plan for the continuation of unrest and the system's strategic patience in managing the country's public space has resulted in countless material and spiritual damages to the general public. The formation of this situation, which some consider appeasement of the system with rioters and terrorists, has resulted in the harsh criticism of the majority of people who want stability and security in the country.

The injection of despair, the impact on economic businesses, and the insecurity of the social environment and universities, which has caused the families to worry, is the result of the actions of the stateless rioters who are instigated and directed by the enemy's media room.

However, with the aim of clarifying all aspects of the issue for society and giving an opportunity for the protest line to separate from the riots, the security forces have shown tolerance, and the judicial system has acted quickly to release the protesters with Islamic mercy.

But today, the main demand of the people of Iran and their decisive message in the rallies to mark the birth of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), the funeral procession of martyrs of the terrorist incident in the Shahcheragh Shrine, the march of November 4 and numerous references and requests from the authorities, is the need to end insecurity, a serious and decisive approach vis-a-vis the perpetrators of disturbances in the streets as well as their internal and external supply and providing networks.

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