Tehran(IP)- On the occasion of Basij week, the members of the parliament honored the families of security martyrs on the public floor of the parliament.

Iran PressIran News: In today's open session of the parliament, a ceremony was held to honor the families of the security martyrs including martyr Mehdi Asna ashari , Toraj Ardalan, Salman AmirAhmadi, Arman Aliverdi, Amir Kamandi, Mehdi Lotfi and Hamidreza Hashemi Beyg Cheshme were present. They were honored with the position of the speaker of the Islamic Council.

While reading the names of security martyrs, Amirabadi Farahani added: "The families of these martyrs, on behalf of other families of security martyrs, attended the session of the public floor of the Majlis on the occasion of Basij's blessed week, for which we appreciate them."

Earlier, Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the Speaker of Iran's parliament, in his pre-agenda speech in the open parliament session held on Sunday morning, said: The only way out of the country's problems, especially in the field of economy, is the modernization of the governance system by returning to the people and emphasizing the belief in God as the two main pillars of the Basiji culture, which should be addressed by our officials.


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