Tehran (IP)- The Saudi national football team lost by two goals against Poland due to frequent individual mistakes and Robert Lewandowski's brilliance.

Iran PressMiddle East: The two teams of Poland and Saudi Arabia faced each other in the third group of the 2022 Qatar World Cup this Saturday. 
In this match, in the 39th minute, Piotr Zielinski scored the first goal for Poland with a pass from Robert Lewandowski. 

Saudi Arabia could have scored an equalizing goal in the first half. However, in one of the most beautiful scenes of this game, the Polish goalkeeper blocked Salem Al-Dossari's penalty in two steps in the 45th minute, so the game ended with one goal at the end of the first half. May it continue for the benefit of the Poles. The second half of this match was followed interestingly. 

Saudi Arabia made many attacks to score the equalizer, but Poland also did a great job on the counter-attacks. After hitting the Saudi goal twice, Robert Lewandowski scored Poland's second goal in the 82nd minute with a fatal mistake by Saudi defender Abdullah al-Maliki. 

Lewandowski was chosen as the best player in today's game with one assist, one hit on the post, and one goal.
With this loss, Herve Renard's students, who created a surprise and defeated Argentina in their first game, must win their last match against the Mexican national team to advance to the next stage. Of course, suppose tonight's match between Argentina and Mexico ends in a draw. In that case, Saudi Arabia's draw against Mexico and Argentina's draw or defeat against Poland will also lead to Saudi Arabia's promotion. 

Currently, in the table of this group, Poland is on top with 4 points, and Saudi Arabia is second with 3 points. The match between Argentina and Mexico will be held at 23:30 tonight. 


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