Tehran (IP) – In reaction to recent terrorist attacks in Iran, the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a statement, calling on the international community to condemn terrorist attacks to prevent further violence.

Iran PressIran News: "In recent days, the noble nation of Iran and the international community witnessed the criminal actions of a group of merciless terrorists against innocent citizens and defenders of the security of Iran in the cities of Izeh, Isfahan and Mashhad. Unfortunately, a number of our dear compatriots, among them innocent women and children, were martyred or injured in these terrorist attacks," the statement noted.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry also censured these sinister attacks and condoled the people of Iran, especially the bereaved families of the victims.

"Undoubtedly, the deliberate silence of the foreign promoters of chaos and violence in Iran in the face of the most obvious terrorist operations in several Iranian cities has no consequence other than encouraging the terrorists and strengthening terrorism in the world," the statement read.

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"The terrorist operation in the cities of Izeh, Isfahan, and Mashhad, which took place after the recent similar attack on the pilgrims and worshipers of the Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Shiraz, is still a confirmation of how the enemies and opponents of the Islamic Republic and great nation of Iran hide their criminal nature behind the false mask of compassion for the people and children of this country," the statement highlighted.

"Terrorism is condemned in any form, time and place, and therefore it is the duty of the world community and the international forums to condemn the recent terrorist acts in Iran, and not allow a safe haven to be created for the violent and extremist movements," the statement added.

"In this regard, the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on the standards of international law and in accordance with its laws and regulations, reserves its right to pursue legal and judicial acts of terrorism committed by terrorists and their supporting governments," it concluded.


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