Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson of the Iranian government called the martyrs of the last few days in Iran martyrs and victims of media terrorism.

Iran PressIran news: On Wednesday evening, 2 people on a motorcycle shot with weapons at the people of Izeh in Khuzestan province, as a result of which 7 people were martyred and 10 people were injured.

Also, on Wednesday evening, following the terrorist attack of two motorcycle riders on security defenders in Isfahan, three members of the security forces were martyred and another person was injured.

Also on October 26, 13 people, including 2 children, were martyred and 30 pilgrims were injured in the terrorist attack on Shahcheragh, the holy shrine of Hazrat Ahmad bin Musa (PBUH), in the city of Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province, Iran.

Ali Bahadori-Jahormi, the spokesman of the Iranian government, condoled the martyrdom of a group of citizens in the terrorist attacks of Izeh and Isfahan and said that these actions are the result of the Iranian nation not accompanying the actions of these terrorist-supporting government agents.

Bahadori-Jahormi added that terrorist groups act with combined and cognitive warfare and methods that are not clear.

The spokesperson of the Iranian government stated that their terrorist acts do not go unanswered and in fact the martyrs of these last few days should be called martyrs and victims of media terrorism.

Since the recent riots in Iran, on the pretext of the death of Mahsa Amini, Iran International Network, in addition to spreading rumors and lies, has constantly provided its platform to separatist Arab and Baloch leaders so that in the first twenty days of the riots more than 20 separatist figures were interviewed in this media for about 50 times. Of course, BBC Persian has not left behind in involvement in the separatism and encouragement of violent and terrorist acts in Iran.


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