Tehran (IP) - On Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal allegedly claimed with a news release; Riyadh has given information to Washington about the possibility of Iran attacking targets inside Saudi Arabia in the coming days.

Iran PressMiddle East: According to Iran Press, citing Nour news, it is claimed in this note; The US Army and other forces in the West Asia region have raised the military alert level and are ready for any eventuality in this regard.

Although this news has not resulted in a reaction from the authorities of Riyadh, but Ned Price, the spokesperson of the US State Department, said: "I am not aware of any consular warning."

But the question is; What could be the reason for the publication of such news by an American media with a history of publishing unreliable news in this period of time?

The release of this news is that in recent weeks, the protests after the death of Mahsa Amini led to unrest in some cities of Iran, with the incitement of Saudi-affiliated media and some elements and groups supported by Riyadh and some Western countries.

The publication of the Wall Street Journal news, which has not been provided with any document to confirm it, is actually an attempt to fabricate news and smear campaign on the basis of accepted principles such as legitimate defense, which, of course, has a high credibility factor among public opinion for the reasons mentioned above.


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