Gaza (IP) – Member of the political bureau of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement says that the Erin al-Aswad group is dynamic in confronting the Zionist invaders and expelling them from the Palestinian lands.

Iran PressMiddle East: Erin al-Aswad is a Palestinian youth resistance group that operates in Nablus and its surroundings in response to the crimes of Zionist soldiers and settlers against Palestinians and targets Zionist soldiers and settlers.

In an interview with Iran Press reporter in Gaza, Walid al-Qatati said that the Erin al-Aswad group is a part of the Palestinian resistance organization, and in fact, it is an extension of the resistance and stability in confrontation with the Zionist regime.

He noted that the group is a part of the Islamic national movement and the Palestinian resistance and struggle, and it is a manifestation of the original way of dealing with the Zionist occupation regime.

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The PIJ official stated that Erin al-Aswad is supported by all Palestinian groups and the Palestinian nation, and in fact, it is an alternative option for compromise and coexistence, which the Palestinian Authority is trying to implement based on the Oslo Accords.

He pointed out that Erin al-Aswad, the battalions of Jenin and all the battalions and groups of the Palestinian resistance that have formed in the West Bank, are dynamic to resist the occupiers and expel them.


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