Tehran (IP) - Berlin was supposed to be the center of the gathering of expatriate Iranians yesterday (Saturday) due to the widespread call in recent weeks. 

Iran PressCommentary: From the first hours of the beginning of this so-called protest movement, some media started publishing fake pictures and presenting unrealistic statistics.

The presence of a number of hired elements and movements of separatist terrorist groups and members of MKO, as well as royalists to the Pahlavi dictatorship in the Berlin rally yesterday, indicated the failure of the project of the enemies of Islamic Iran.

The participants from some European countries reached Berlin with facilities such as buses that were provided to them and while chanting anti-Iranian slogans, they demanded the European states impose sanctions against the Iranian people.

From the royalists who support the Pahlavi dictatorship and the MKO members to the separatist terrorist groups like Komalah, with their presence in the Berlin rally yesterday, they proved once again that the goal is not to overthrow the Islamic Republic but to destroy a country called Iran.

Of course, this is not the first time that the flag of royalists has been placed next to the flag of separatist groups. In past anti-Iranian gatherings, all kinds of symbols and flags of the groups were placed next to each other, and the reason for this is the maximum effort of the counter-revolution to mobilize the opposing groups against Iran.

Of course, the mentioned flags were not the only ones that were seen in the rally in Berlin yesterday, but in the pictures published from this rally, the flag of the child-killing Israeli regime was also seen in the hands of some hired elements.

Most of the videos were in long shots with the aim of showing the high participation figures of the participants, but when the camera showed the faces of the protesters closely, two points were important. A significant number who were not Iranians and were probably hired to participate in this rally! And another group waved the flag of the separatist groups and showed the real face and ultimate motivation of the supporters of the recent riots.

It has also been reported that the organizers of the Berlin rally reached out to non-Iranian civil groups, including LGBT groups and refugees from other countries, and brought them to the rally with financial promises.

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But in the meantime, measures were also taken by the behind-the-scene organizers of this rally, also in the name of the demand of the Iranian protesters; Among them, we can mention the reading of a statement in support of homosexuality and framing it as one of the priorities of the protesters' demands.

The fact is that although the Iranian society has demands, it is different from the origin of the rioters who are intellectually nourished by the western security institutions. In the name of women's demands, rioters strip naked and insult Iranian women, in the name of democracy, they support anti-democratic elements and coup plotters, and in the name of defending freedom, they support the strengthening of sanctions against Iran.

The Berlin rally, which was heavily publicized by the anti-revolutionary media, was not without its sidelines, including some conflicts among the demonstrators themselves.

In some other western countries, the situation was similar, and a high percentage of the published news was the product of goals that were not achieved and registered another failure in the history of the enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.


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