Al-Quds (IP) - After Odi al-Tamimi, a Palestinian youth, was martyred in an anti-Zionist operation near Ma'ale Adumim town, east of occupied Al-Quds, the Palestinian youths and the resistance forces warned the Israeli regime.

Iran PressMiddle East: Various areas of the West Bank, including Nablus, Al-Khalil, and Ramallah, witnessed the presence of Palestinian youths on the streets on Wednesday night and they, together with the resistance forces, warned the Zionist regime about the martyrdom of Odi al-Tamimi.

Earlier, Odi Al-Tamimi shot at the Zionist soldiers at the "Shuafat checkpoint, which resulted in the death of one Zionist soldier and the wounding three people.

Palestinian forces in different areas of the West Bank emphasized that after the martyrdom of Odi al-Tamimi and other Palestinian martyrs, the resistance would be strengthened in all Palestinian lands against the Zionist regime.

Also, a night march of Palestinian youth was held in the center of Ramallah and other West Bank areas after the announcement of the martyrdom of Odi al-Tamimi. Then the Palestinian children brought themselves to the house of this martyr.

Palestinians and resistance forces gathered in front of the house of martyr Odi al-Tamimi in occupied Al-Quds and chanted slogans to support this Palestinian martyr's cause and emphasized that they would avenge the blood of martyr al-Tamimi.

With the intensification of the movements of the Zionist forces in the West Bank, a new round of armed resistance has formed in this area, and the anti-Zionist operations of the Palestinian youths have intensified.


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