Moscow (IP) – A Russian oil and gas market expert said that the Western sanctions policy against Russia has no legal basis and is unrelated to international law.


Iran PressEurope: In an interview with Iran Press reporter on the sidelines of the Russian Energy Week in Moscow, Vyacheslav Mischenko stated that only the UN Security Council can impose sanctions and that the wave of European and US sanctions against Russia has tensed the energy market and caused prices to rise.

He noted that the Europeans and the President of the United States believe that the reason for the lack of fuel and the increase in the price of energy in Europe is the policy of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Mischenko pointed out that the embargo policy has had a negative and destructive effect on the energy markets, and the market is in a difficult situation.

He highlighted that the sanctions that would be imposed against Moscow on the 5th of December would target the export of Russian oil by ship as well as the ban on the price ceiling; this means that Western countries, G7, and Europeans want to set a price ceiling for Russian oil, which is impossible.

He underlined that Russia would not do business with those who want to proceed with this logic, and more importantly, the attempt to punish Russia would make the energy market tenser.

The Russian Energy Week, with the slogan "Sustainable Energy Development," has been held in Moscow with the participation of various foreign delegations since last Wednesday.


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