Tehran (IP) - The Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN said if the US was serious in the fight against terrorism, it must not support terrorist groups such as Kumaleh.

Iran PressAmerica: The American News Week magazine said in a report that the ringleader of the Kurdish Kumaleh terrorist group called for US aid to harm Iran.

Iran's mission to the UN introduced Kumaleh as one of the active terrorist groups that had killed hundreds of people in Mahabad, western Iran, and other parts of the country. 

Following the Kumaleh group's terrorist movements in the western borders of Iran, the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) hit their positions in the Iraqi Kurdistan region. 

Earlier, the Iranian mission to the UN had presented to the UN the reason for carrying out a military operation against the terrorist group and stressed that the presence of the terrorists in northern Iraq was not ended through diplomacy, so Iran inevitably used military force.


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