Tehran (IP) - The Chief Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps emphasized that the initiative of the Islamic Republic of Iran was to destroy the credibility of the enemy's military and political power.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to recent riots, Major General Hossein Salami emphasized: "This is a battle that extends from the streets of Iranian cities to Washington, New York, London, Tel Aviv, and Riyadh."

He further added that the recent riots in Iran on the pretext of Mahsa Amini's death once again caused the foreign enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran to use it as an opportunity to interfere in Iran's internal affairs and incite more riots."

According to Iran Press, Major General Hossein Salami, the Chief commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, said today (Thursday) at the national conference: "The credibility of American political power in the world is not recognized as it used to be in the past, and the advocates of this power compared to the past have decreased."

Major General Salami added: "As we move forward, the Americans are facing successive and serial strategic failures in the world in confronting the Islamic Revolution, which will not only change the relationship of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the United States, but also change the relationship of the whole world with the United States."


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