Tehran (IP) – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman calls on European countries to ensure the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran's diplomatic places.

Iran PressIran News: Attending his weekly press briefing on Monday and speaking in response to a question about the unconventional stance of some European countries regarding the riots in Iran, Nasser Kanani said: "Unfortunately, we see the dual behavior of these countries in human rights. At the same time, they consider themselves against violence and advise the Iranian government to exercise restraint against those who disturb public security, but they have given shelter to those who promote violence in their own country."

"They demand non-violence from Iran, but in their own country, they have allowed violent people to commit violence against Iranian diplomatic places and the Iranian ambassador in Denmark," he added.

"They advise us on how to interact with our citizens, but they allow someone to enter the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran with a cold weapon and threaten the ambassador of Iran, who is a woman, and grapple with the staff, but on the other hand, they recommend interaction with the rioters," the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman underlined.

"We advise them to put aside hypocrisy and ensure the security of our diplomatic places," he concluded.

Iran is safe for foreign nationals to travel

Nasser Kanani, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, stated that the request of some European countries from their citizens not to travel to Iran is politically motivated.

He said: "These countries claim that their citizens and those who have dual citizenship of Iran may be arrested if they travel to the country; it is a baseless accusation."

He added: "The number of detainees in the past years was very small in comparison to the number of trips." Regarding dual citizenship, the spokesman added: "It is quite clear that according to the civil law, the Islamic Republic of Iran does not recognize dual citizenship, and any person who has Iranian citizenship, even if he is a citizen of another country, Iran considers him to be its citizen."

Security is established here for those who plan to travel to Iran as a tourist, for treatment, and business, Kanani noted, adding: "On the other hand, some of our citizens have traveled to other countries and were arrested, including Hamid Nouri who was arrested in Sweden."

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So-called advocates of anti-Iran collective measures seek to get concession at negotiating table

Kanani also said that those who seem to advocate the recent unrests and collective measures in Iran are in fact trying to get concessions from Iran at the negotiating table under this pretext.

He further added that internal issues are related to Iran, and Iran has announced its views and positions at the highest level, and naturally, Iran is interacting with this issue in a direct and legal manner.

"However, it is unacceptable for countries to give themselves the right to interfere in Iran's internal affairs under the pretext of internal events," stressed Kanaani.

Regarding the statements of some foreign ministers of European countries, he said:

"Countries are declaring position about women's rights and human rights in Iran that are places where we see disgusting pages in their human rights behavior in relation to their own citizens and other countries, not in the distant history but in their contemporary history and the developments of recent months and years. "

One of the countries which has recently made claims on discussions about women's rights in Iran, in which an Iranian woman is treated in the most immoral and inhumane way, in front of her child which cannot be explained, and they treat an Iranian woman in the most violent ways. In such a way that the  criticizing voice of some parliamentarians of that country has also been heard, then such countries teach us moral lessons and give moral advice about non-violence towards women.

Kanani added then: "The country that is now the flag bearer of collective measure against Iran is the same country that is not accused but guilty that equipped Iraq with chemical weapons to use chemical bombs against Iranian Kurdish citizens, which can be referred to as the chemical bombing of Sardasht.

They are trying to get concessions from Iran at the negotiating table under this pretext", he noted 


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