Tehran (IP) - The spokesperson of the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran wrote on his Twitter account that the West is taking revenge on Iranians by patients genocide.


Iran PressIran News: The spokesperson of the government Ali Bahadori-Jahromi wrote in his tweet that according to an estimate this year (1401), 220 patients will be victims of cruel sanctions, and to this number, those who need medications for rare diseases will be added.

In continuance of the cruel sanctions and based on a series of false accusations and in support of unrest and riots in Iran, the US Treasury Department imposed new sanctions against several Iranian officials, including the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Communications of Iran.

In a statement, the US Department of Treasury also included the names of 10 companies and a ship in its anti-Iranian sanctions list due to providing facilities for the export of Iranian oil to other countries.

Ali Bahadori-Jahromi wrote on his Twitter account: "70 people in 2017, and 90 people in 2018, as well as 140 people in 2019 and last year (1400) 180 thalassemia patients died under sanctions."

“The West is taking revenge on Iranians through a genocide campaign against the patients,” he added.

Over the past five years, the sanctions have targeted various aspects of Iranian lives ranging from economy to health and medical system.


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