Senior official:

In a meeting with a group of Iranians living in Hungary, the political deputy of the Minister of Foreign Affairs said that the vigilance of the country abroad is the critical factor in the ineffectiveness of many inexplicable dreams of ill-wishers of Islamic Iran.

Iran PressEurope: Ali Bagheri Kani, who has traveled to Hungary, in a meeting with Iranians living in the country, while emphasizing the role and position of Iranian expatriates in introducing Islamic culture and civilization, mentioned the community as the valuable and influential capital in expressing the realities of progress and development of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

"One of the goals and responsibilities of the foreign ministry is to support the rights of Iranians and facilitates their continuous and stable connection with the motherland."

The senior diplomat described the role of elites, especially students, as very important and emphasized: "Iranians abroad are an extension of Iran's authority and elevation all around the world."

Referring to the role of the Supreme Council of Iranian Expatriates, Bagheri stated that one of the responsibilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to deal with the problems of Iranians quickly and to increase consular support for them, and noted that the government does not condone the violation of the rights of Iranians anywhere in the world and will use all capacities to materialize their rights and will use all legal and political tools to secure their rights.


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