London( IP)- Muslims and lovers of the Islamic Revolution from different walks of life and nationalities condemned the rioters' action in attacking Muslims and Islamic symbols.

Iran PressEurope: Muslims of different nationalities gathered in front of the Islamic Center of England in London in recent days, Saturday evening local time, to protest against the actions of rioters in desecrating women with hijab, beating Muslims, and insulting and obscenity toward Islamic sanctities.

A number of Muslim and women with hijab on the sidelines of this rally, in an interview with Iranpress correspondent in London, condemned the insults of the disturbing elements to women with hijab and Islamic sanctities and emphasized that the hijab is the best cover for a Muslim woman and in Islam, women's rights are respected.

Opponents, Anti-revolutionary and separatist and royalist groups recently attacked the Arbaeen Hussaini (PBUH) mourners in London and insulted women with hijab as well as Islamic sanctities.

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Muslim protestors of different nationalities in front of the British Islamic Center in London while condemning the recent actions of rioters in London mourned and beat their chests in Arabic and English.

In this gathering, the Muslims carried Ashurai flags and Imam Hussain (AS) with them and chanted the slogan "Labik Ya Hussain".


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