The news reports claimed that Russia has started moving nuclear-capable bombers toward its border near Finland.

Iran PressEurope: Despite the fact that the spokesperson of the US Department of Defense announced that nothing special happened in the Russian nuclear forces, a number of Russian strategic bombers have been unusually deployed in the Kola Peninsula of the Olenya Air Base near Finland.

According to ImageSat International, it is claimed that there are four Tu-160 "Blackjacks" on Aug. 21, joined by three Tu-95 "Bears," the Russian equivalent of the B-52, by Sept. 25

The reports indicate that the bombers were moved to the base from Engels air base in southwest Russia, formerly the sole air base that operated the Tu-160. The Olenya air base contains tactical and strategic nuclear weapons, according to the report.

In April, Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the operators of the Tu-160, the 121st Heavy Bomber Aviation Regiment, the honorific "guards" for "mass heroism shown by the regiment’s personnel in combat operations," ostensibly for their role in the operation in Ukraine. 219

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