In a meeting with the UN Secretary-General, the President of Iran emphasized the necessity of the UN to play a serious role against unilateralist behavior.

Iran PressAmerica: Seyed Ebrahim Raisi on the fourth day of his trip to New York, on Thursday evening, met with the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, referring to the importance of the UN in playing a role in solving nations' problems, said: " The United Nations must be truly an organization for all nations, not the organization of world powers."

Raisi called the Islamic Republic of Iran a friend in difficult times for its neighbors, and referring to Iran's humanitarian actions in providing shelter to Afghan immigrants, as well as the serious fight against terrorism as a great danger to the region and the world, said: "On the other hand, the result of NATO and the US in our region has been war, destruction, occupation and killing."

Emphasizing Iran's support for regional dialogues to resolve issues between countries, he addressed the UN Secretary-General and said: "If you adhere to justice in your position, a great name will remain in the history of this world organization."

During the meeting, the UN Secretary-General also praised Iran's role in the Yemeni ceasefire, appreciating the Islamic Republic of Iran's continued efforts in sheltering Afghan immigrants, adding: The US withdrawal from the nuclear deal was a very unconstructive move."

Antonio Guterres considered Iran's initiative to create a framework for regional dialogue as constructive and supported by the United Nations.

Antonio Guterres, confirming the Islamic Republic of Iran's positions on human rights, said: "Human rights should not be used as a means of war against countries." 219

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