Tehran(IP)- The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that a Russian economic delegation arrives to Tehran today.This delegation, includes more than 60 private and state companies.

Iran PressEurope: Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Thursday, in a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Ebrahim Raisi on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in Samarkand, that a large Russian delegation will soon leave for Iran on a trade mission.

In response to Iran Press question about the details and goals of this trip, Nasser Kanani In his presser on Monday said: Iran-Russia relations have always been of interest, and in this regard, Iran is hosting an economic and trade delegation from Russia in Tehran.

He added: More than 60 private and public Russian companies will have meetings with Iranian companies.

Kanani added that these companies will include food, agriculture, fisheries, transportation, spare parts, medical equipment, and communications which will have diverse fields of activity.

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holding these meetings is the result of a year of joint efforts of the two countries, he pointed.

Iranian ministers traveled to Moscow previously and negotiations  took place between the ministers which have paved the way for this trip.

He pointed out that this achivement is part of joint efforts between the two countries and we believe that the expansion of these relations provides the common interests of the two countries.

Regarding the provincial cooperation between the two countries, he also said: due to the past efforts, Iran and Russia can expand their economic ties.


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