Tehran(IP)- In a meeting with the General Attorney of Azerbaijan on Wednesday evening, the Interior Minister said that both sides emphasized that third parties should not interfere in good relations between the two countries.

Iran PressIran News: On Wednesday evening, Interior Minister hosted the General Attorney of Azerbaijan and his delegation at the Ministry of Interior. After the discussion behind closed doors, Ahmad Vahidi explained the issues raised in the meeting to the journalists.

Ahmad Vahidi said: The Attorney General of Azerbaijan, Kamran Aliyev, has come to Tehran at the invitation of the Attorney General of Iran. The two countries have good and strategic relations and will have a good future.

He added: Executive and operational issues were also discussed, and during that, the issues related to drugs and the problems of our passengers traveling to Azerbaijan were discussed.

The Interior Minister said: Cooperation between the parties for the exchange of prisoners was discussed, among other issues, and various other issues were also agreed upon by the parties, which can help to expand the relations between the parties.


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