During his visit to Algeria, the French president faced opposition and protests from the Muslim people of this African country.

Iran PressAfrica: Macron is now on his second trip to Algeria in the last 5 years. On this trip, he has taken a delegation of 90 personalities including businessmen and intellectuals specializing in the history of the two countries. In addition, 7 government ministers are also accompanying him on this three-day trip.

A crowd has shouted slogans hailing Algeria during a visit by France's Emmanuel Macron to a city in the former French colony.

Crowds chanted "Long live Algeria" at Macron as his bodyguards rushed to get him into the vehicle. According to the French press, Macron cut his visit short and left the city.

The visit came less than two months after Algeria marked six decades of independence following 132 years of French rule and devastating eight-year war.

Ties between Paris and Algiers have seen repeated crises over the years.

They had been particularly frosty since last year when Macron questioned Algeria's existence as a nation before the French occupation and accused the government of fomenting "hatred towards France".


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