Tehran (IP) - Iranian President stated: "Knowledge-based products produced by domestic researchers reduce cost, increase productivity and create a lot of added value, and we are determined to support and use them."

Iran PressIran news: Ebrahim Raisi emphasized the localization of subsurface water supply knowledge in the country and stated, "It is essential that this knowledge be available to all farmers in the country, and the government considers itself obliged to support basic technology and basic science measures in this field."

Expressing his satisfaction at visiting this exhibition and appreciating the efforts of experts in knowledge-based fields, the President stated: "These actions can be a solution for the country in various fields, including agriculture and industries, and their products and abilities should be used in the country's institutions."

Raisi raised the question of whether this amount of water use in agriculture is necessary and whether we can provide an agricultural product that requires the use of water and costs less, and said: "The measures taken by the researchers of this complex will reduce the cost, increase productivity and create a lot of added value, and it prevents raw sales, and we are determined to support and use them".

Emphasizing the government's support for knowledge-based activities, the President stated: "The situation should not be such that a researcher and producer says that there is no market for his knowledge-based product, which is also possible to commercialise, but at the same time, various institutions import the same product from abroad. No institution should ever do this".

Raisi added: "Why should a product that is produced domestically with the necessary standards be imported from abroad?"

Raisi emphasized: "All the executive bodies of the country should pursue the work with strength and power and by leaving the administrative bureaucracy, which is mainly an obstacle, do the work in such a way that experts are encouraged, and we can increase productivity in the country."

On the sidelines of visiting various parts of this exhibition, which lasted for more than 3 hours, the President talked to specialists, experts, and managers of "Pishran" knowledge-based companies in the details of the activities and productions of this institution of innovation, technology and science creation of the country.


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