Konya Games:

Konia (IP) – Iranian weightlifter snatched a gold medal in the Islamic Solidarity Games underway in Turkiye's Konia.

Iran PressAsia: More than 6,000 athletes and officials have descended on Turkiye’s Konya to compete in the fifth edition of the Games that opened on Tuesday (August 9) and are due to finish on August 18.

Iran's sports caravan attended this round of competitions with 240 athletes in 16 courses.

On Monday, Rasoul Motamedi managed to win three gold medals in the 102kg category in the Islamic Solidary Games.

He lifted the 177 weight in the snatch, the 223 kg in the clean and jerk, and won the third gold medal with an overall 400 kg.

He also attempted to break the world record but failed.

Another Iranian representative in the games, Amir Hoghoghi, finished fifth with a record of 165 in the snatch, 211 kg in the clean and jerk, and an overall of 376 kg.

Reza Beiralvand won a gold medal in the men's 96kg on Sunday in the same competition.


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