Qamishli (IP) – Turkish forces launched a drone attack on northeastern Syria on Tuesday, killing four people.

Iran PressMiddle East: Turkish forces attacked north of Qamishli, located northeast of Syria.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the Turkish drone strike on Tuesday killed at least four people.

The Northeastern Syrian city of Qamishli is under Kurdish forces' control.

Several people were wounded following the attack, the reports indicate.

The attack struck near a hospital in Qamishli, the capital of a Kurdish administration that runs large parts of the country's northeast.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SoHR) says that the four victims, all affiliated with the administration of the Kurdish force, were killed while they dug trenches near Turkey's border in anticipation of a new offensive that Ankara has threatened to launch since May.

Ankara has launched military offensives in Syria. Most have targeted Kurdish fighters that Ankara links to the terrorist groups.

Turkey has stepped up its drone strikes in Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria since a July 19 summit with Iran and Russia that failed to greenlight a fresh offensive, according to Kurdish officials and the Observatory.

Another Turkish drone strike on Qamishli the past weekend killed four people, including two siblings.

The Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have counted at least 13 of their members killed in several Turkish attacks since July 19.

Syria's conflict that began in March 2011 has killed nearly half a million people and displaced half the country's pre-war population.

News sources on Saturday reported that a Turkish military base in the northern suburb of Syria's Aleppo came under missile attack.


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