Tehran (IP) - In his weekly Presser on Monday, the Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran is against any military option toward the countries in the region, saying that the best option for Ukraine is the political solution.

Iran PressIran news: Nasser Kanaani told Sputnik correspondent about the latest western media 's smearing campaign after the Russian President's official visit to Tehran on Iran's position in Ukraine, saying: "The Islamic Republic of Iran is against any military option toward the regional countries.

He further elaborated: " Iran believes the disputes and the differences should be resolved through a political solution, and there is no change in Tehran's political position toward Ukraine.

He stressed: "We instead believe in the political solution, and we are not standing by one side to oppose the other side.

Iran does not seek a hasty JCPOA revival

Iran keeps negotiating the revival of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) until a good agreement is reached with the other parties.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and the P5+1 countries (US, Germany, France, UK, Russia, and China) signed an international nuclear agreement called the JCPOA in 2015.  

The US left the pact in May 2018. It then returned the sanctions that were supposed to be lifted by virtue of the accord.

In his weekly press conference on Monday, July 25, the Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nasser Kanaani, said that the US authorities launched a psychological campaign against Iran to suggest that time was limited and the country must come to an agreement as soon as possible.

Kanaani stressed: "In this regard, Iran does not act based on emotions, nor acts hastily, nor will it sacrifice the interests of the country and the nation in the hasty process." 

He elaborated on the ongoing measures taken in the negotiation process, including the efforts by the foreign ministers of regional countries, including Oman, Qatar, and Iraq, as well as the European countries such as Italy and France to make the views close together for reaching a serious.  

Nuclear Deal depends on "US' political decision"

"Whether the agreement is close or far-reaching depends to the US' political decision. Sure Iran thinks about an agreement and is interested in reaching an agreement in a near future, but it taken into account the nation's interests and will not act based on emotions," the Spokesman of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated. 

Zionists' nukes; danger to the region, environment

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman says that the Zionist regime's [nuclear] arsenal is dangerous to the area and the environment.

Reacting to the recent statements of the IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi, Nasser Kanaani stated that IAEA Director General must have a constructive and interactive approach.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson said: "We do not consider Grossi's statements to be technical and professional, and we invite him to have neutrality and fairness and avoiding statements made with political motives."

He added: "Some of those statements are made by the Zionist regime; he is a responsible official and must respect the principle of neutrality and respond to Iran's goodwill. Iran is a member of the Safeguards. IAEA DG should pay attention to the constructive cooperation of Iran and also pay attention to the illegal nuclear capacities of the Zionist regime and that the arsenals of this regime are not under the supervision of the agency and safeguards."

"Zionist regime's nuclear arsenal is a danger to the region and the region's environment. We invite the IAEA DG to play a constructive role and help in the negotiation process," Kanaani added.

Only political solution; No change in Iran's view of the Ukraine war

Asked about the war in Ukraine, Kanaani noted that there had been no change in the Islamic Republic's practical and political stance.

A positive sign in Iran-Saudi talks

Regarding the statements of Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein regarding Iran-Saudi Arabia negotiations, he said the fact that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia expressed his willingness and readiness to hold an official and open political dialogue between Iran and Saudi Arabia at the next meeting is a positive sign.

"We believe that due to the positive will of the parties for a practical step forward, the ground is ready to hold the next meeting at the official and political level in Baghdad and take a concrete and big step towards the promotion and resumption of relations between the two states and we appreciate the Iraqi government for its measures in this regard."


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