Kazem Gharibabadi

Tehran (IP)- Secretary of the Islamic Republic of Iran's High Council for Human Rights slammed the Danish government's separation of an Iranian child from his family, urging Copenhagen to return the boy to his family.

Iran PressIran News: In a statement issued on Wednesday, Kazem Gharibabadi described the Danish government's measure to give the Iranian boy Dariush Heydari to a Danish family as "unfair."

He said that deporting Dariush's parents on a charge of child abduction and separating the boy with Autism spectrum disorder from his family was a gross violation of Denmark's commitments under human rights, children's rights in particular.

The human rights official praised Iran's Foreign Ministry for its efforts to reunite Dariush with his family. He criticized the Danish government's non-cooperation under the pretext of deferring any decision to the court.

He asked Denmark's government why they avoided implementing their commitment to reunite the family now that Dariush's parents are in Iran.

Making these parents entangled in the courts of Denmark (although with a visa granted) is neither correct nor consistent with Denmark's human rights commitments.


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