The Italian head of state on Thursday rejected the resignation of the Prime Minister and asked him to address parliament to get a clear picture of the political situation.

Iran PressEurope: The Italian Premier Mario Draghi offered to step down Thursday after a populist coalition ally refused to support a key government bill, but the nation's president rejected the resignation, telling Draghi to see if he can still find a majority in Parliament willing to support him.

A statement from Mattarella's office read that the president, "did not accept the resignation, and invited the prime minister to appear before parliament to make a statement."  

Draghi survived a no-confidence vote in the Italian Senate earlier on Thursday, yet his government's future was thrown into question due to a boycott of the vote by the populist 5-Star Movement (5SM), a key coalition ally.

The former head of the European Central Bank (ECB), Draghi became Italy's sixth prime minister in 10 years when he took over from Giuseppe Conte, the leader of 5SM, in February 2021. 219

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