Tabriz (IP)- On the sidelines of the Tabriz souvenirs exhibition, the Traditional cookie known as 'Ghorabiyeh sweets' of the city were registered on Iran's national heritage list.

Iran PressIran news: Ghorabiye (Ghorabiyeh, Qurabiya) is a traditional sweet pastry originally from Tabriz in Iran. The city is the center of the East Azerbaijan province of Iran, famous for its sweets and alluring confectionaries and for producing more than 50% of Iran's sweets and chocolates.

Ghorabieh was registered with the cooperation of the confectioners' union and the governorate of East Azerbaijan.

Ahmad Hamzezadeh, Director General of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of East Azarbaijan province, in an interview with IranPress, added: Ghorabieh is one of the best sweets of Iran, which is baked in Tabriz, and with the registration of the sweet, the native-local skill and authenticity of baking Qarabieh sweets will be preserved and preserved and will be passed on to future generations. 

Qurabiya; popular souvenir of Tabriz in pictures

East Azerbaijan Province's souvenir exhibition is held for three days (July 12-14, 2022) at Tabriz International Convention Center. Visual cakes by Iranians have also been displayed in the exhibition.

More than 500 kinds of sweet pastries are cooked in Tabriz confectionaries.

The history of making sweets in Iran goes back more than thousands of years ago. Historians believe that Tabrizian Ghorabiyeh is a subcategory of Britain cookies that Iranians have cooked in Persian style. 


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