Baghdad (IP) - Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement and the Minister of the Interior of Iraq reviewed the condition of the infrastructure of the border crossings and the route of the Iranian pilgrims to the holy shrines.

Iran PressMiddle East: Seyed Majid Mir Ahmadi, Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement and Secretary of the Central Staff of Arbaeen, who traveled to Baghdad at the head of a high-ranking delegation, met with Othman Al- Ghanimi.

Arbaeen is the mourning ceremony on the fortieth day after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (AS) and his faithful companions in the battle of Karbala on October 10, 680 CE (10 Muharram 61 AH).

The authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Iraq have conducted extensive consultations in recent months with the aim of holding the Arbaeen mourning ceremony as magnificently as possible.

The Minister of Interior of Iraq called for more streamlining of the transfer of equipment and facilities belonging to the processions in the specified intervals and deadlines, from the border crossings.

Mirahmadi asked the Iraqi side to take into account the possibility of an increase in the number of pilgrims, in terms of the reduction of the corona disease and also the heat of the summer this year, for maximum cooperation and efforts to be made for the comfort of the pilgrims as much as possible.

Iran's Deputy Interior Minister also said that the implementation of the memorandum of cooperation in the field of public security and the formation of the first meeting of the joint security committee with the presence of the representatives of Iran and Iraq shows the will of the two friendly and brotherly countries for the peace, security, and well-being of the citizens of both sides.

"Othman Al- Ghanimi," the Minister of Interior of Iraq, called the service to Hosseini's Arbaeen pilgrims an honor for the Iraqi government and people and announced the efforts of the relevant departments of Iraq and the readiness of his country to accept pilgrims during Muharram and Arbaeen this year.

The Minister of Interior of Iraq also referred to the "memorandum of cooperation in the field of public security between the Ministry of Interior of Iraq and the Ministry of Interior of Iran" and considered the cooperation process between the two countries to be promising and moving forward.

According to this report, Iran's Deputy Interior Minister for Security and Law Enforcement also visited the Iraqi Border Police and spoke with the Deputy Director of Intelligence and Inspection of the Ministry of Interior and the Chief of the Iraqi Federal Police. 

Every year in one of the world's largest gatherings, hundreds of thousands of Shia Muslims mark Arbaeen in Iraq's Karbala.

Husayn ibn Ali, the third Shia Imam, is the prophet Muhammad's grandson and a member of the Household of Muhammad (Ahl al-Bayt).

September 17, 2022 (Safar 1444 AH) is the Arbaeen this year. Millions of pilgrims from all over the world, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, enter the city of Karbala in southern Iraq on this day to attend the Arbaeen Hosseini (PBUH) morning rituals.


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