The US President announced on Thursday that he had called Swiss leaders to discuss abandoning two centuries of neutrality to join NATO before he quickly corrected himself and said he actually meant Sweden.

Iran PressEurope: Biden spoke at a press conference in Madrid after a NATO summit in which Finland and Sweden were officially invited to join the military alliance in response to the more than four-month-old Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Sweden had been neutral in Europe’s various military engagements since the Napoleonic Wars in the early 19th century when it lost control of Finland to Russia.

Last month, Biden incorrectly said North Korea when he meant to say South Korea.

Finland was neutral since World War II when it lost a significant part of its territory to the Soviet Union.

Biden, who turns 80 this year, has mixed up the names of countries in the past. Last month, he mistakenly said “North Korea” when he meant “South Korea” when he listed supporters of US sanctions against Russia.

Last year, he mixed Libya and Syria when talking about potential areas of cooperation with Russia. 219

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