Russia's Defense Ministry has announced that the United States is training terrorists in Syria's Al-Tanf region.

Iran PressEurope: Al-Tanf region is one of the most important and strategic regions in Syria. This region is the common border point between the three countries of Syria, Iraq and Jordan.

The United States has occupied the region and established a military base there, following the formation of the so-called international coalition against ISIS.

Russia's Defense Ministry said on Sunday that US troops illegally on Syrian soil are training terrorists in the Al-Tanf area.

Al-Mayadin also reported in a recent report that elements of the ISIS terrorist group are being trained by US military trainers at the Al-Tanf base.

Bassam Sabbagh, Syria's permanent representative to the United Nations, recently announced at a Security Council meeting that Washington is trying to revive ISIS in Syria.

The US military and its affiliated terrorist elements have been present in Syria illegally for a long time, and in addition to looting the country's oil resources and grains, they are taking action against the Syrian people and forces. 219