Minister of Health:

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Minister of Health, in response to a question in the parliament, said: "One of the problems of deprived areas is that the doctors don't want to serve in those areas, so we have decided to lift the salary ceiling there to encourage them to continue their jobs."

Iran PressIran news: Bahram Einollahi added: "For all citizens to have access to medical services, a treatment roadmap for 2025 has been drawn, in which deprived areas are a priority."

Einollahi said: "Reconstruction of the country's health care network is our priority, and for this purpose, nearly 400 Health House have been opened in recent months."

The Minister of Health pointed out: "Public social insurance has been implemented and more than 95% of the people have social insurance."

Einollahi also referred to the confrontation with the coronavirus and said: "About 50,000 people used to come to the clinics per day, which with the support of the government, the patients have reached zero, while 400 people die in the United States every day."

Einollahi said: "Jeuvenization is one of the other problems that are being pursued by the Ministry of Health with the help of MPs."

In the parliament's hearing session, the MPs were convinced by the answers of the Minister of Health. At the meeting, more than 60 members of parliament called on the Minister of Health to facilitate the treatment of about 3.5 million infertile couples, given the approved budget.

In another part of his speech, Iran's Minister of Health pointed out: "During my trips to Iraq and Syria last week and talking to the health ministers of these countries and realizing the potential of Iran's health sector, we can say that today Iran is the health power of the region."

The Minister of Health added: "Today, not only do we solve the medical problems of our patients in the country, but we also receive patients from neighboring countries, and that is why it is necessary to maintain this quality of treatment."

He added: "Therefore, providing human resources alone is not enough, but also providing equipment is necessary and we can recruit as much manpower as the existing infrastructure."

The Minister of Health said: "We now have about 1000 hospitals, but we do not use the potential as much as possible, for which purpose they need to be recruited and employed in state centers."

Einollahi said: "We took over the Ministry of Health with a debt of 3,000 billion tomans because a budget was not predicted for the corona and we faced a lot of debts that with the help of the Leader and the provision of resources from the National Development Fund we were able to combat corona and solve the health problems the society faces."

Einollahi, referring to the provincial trips of the president, said: "In these provincial trips, 3,000 billion tomans were allocated to medical centers in the provinces. We have equipped 45 hospitals and we have 253 hospitals under construction."

In the end, he said: "22,000 nurses will be employed this year, and the priority is with those who volunteered in combating the coronavirus."


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