The US government’s Rewards for Justice program has offered up to $15 million for information that can disrupt the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and its Quds Force financial networks.

Iran PressAmerica: The Quds Force is a branch of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps founded in 1988. Its long-time commander, Qasem Soleimani, was martyred by a US drone attack in Iraq in January 2020.

The Quds Force has played a key role in the fight against ISIS terrorists in the region in recent years. The increasing defense of the IRGC against the threats of the enemies has caused the US to continue to impose sanctions on the IRGC as it continues its hostile approach to Iran.

Since 2007, the United States has sanctioned the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps, under at least eight executive orders and six laws. “Of the 107 sanctions the Biden administration has imposed on Iran, 86 of those – some three-quarters – have been applied against the IRGC.

In 2019, former US President Donald Trump put the entire IRGC on the US list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs).


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