Tehran (IP)- The joint meeting of Iran and Russia is underway on Wednesday, concurrent with the visit of the Russian delegation to Tehran chaired by the Russian Deputy Prime Minister.

Iran PressIran news: Iran and Russia have very high capacities in terms of oil and gas reserves and geopolitical position, and together they can create new equations in the field of international economy and energy sector.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak arrived in Tehran on Tuesday, June 24, to attend a joint Iran-Russia meeting. Both Iran and Russia enjoy vast oil and gas reserves, and their economies have developed based on the export of these two strategic products.

Javad Owji, the Minister of Oil, who left for Moscow on October 20 last year, announced after the visit: "In the upstream sector, the development of oil and gas fields and in the downstream sector in the development of petroleum refineries and petrochemicals and the transfer of equipment and technology in the oil and gas industry, Iran enjoys a strategic position, so perfect decisions were made."

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Heading a high-ranking delegation, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister has traveled to Tehran and will hold technical and specialized talks with Iranian counterparts for further cooperation. During the delegation's visit to Iran, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak will have discussions with some high-ranking Iranian officials, including Ahmad Mokhber, First Vice President, Javad Owji, Minister of Oil, Rostam Ghasemi, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Saeed Mohammad, Advisor to the President and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones.

In the end, a joint statement will be signed between Javad Owji and Alexander Novak, who are the chairmen of the joint economic commission of the two countries. The main points of this statement are outlined in 8 sections and economic trade solutions between two sides in banking, transportation, logistics, customs, industry and mining, agriculture, energy, health, and hygiene sectors, and it is decided to remove obstacles to the development of cooperation.

The statement says the two sides examine the path of bilateral relations and take action to resolve it. A joint economic and trade commission of the two countries will be held in Moscow shortly, and the details of the technical and specialized talks will be examined until it becomes operational. 


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