A joint US-NATO military drill is being held with the participation of NATO member states in Estonia near Russian military bases.

Iran PressEurope: This military exercise involves 10 countries in the region, including Finland and Sweden, which are expected to formally join NATO in the next few days.

According to the report, NATO military exercises in the region are scheduled to continue until June 3.

According to NATO, the purpose of the exercise is to increase the readiness and cooperation of member countries. About 15,000 troops are taking part in the exercise in Estonia, one of the largest since 1991.

The military drill is held 64 km from the nearest Russian military base and is said to be aimed at simulating a Russian attack on Estonia.

"Finland and Sweden's membership in NATO poses no threat to Russia, but Russia will react to the decision of these countries to join NATO," Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the sidelines of a meeting of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Russia considers NATO a security threat and has warned of the consequences of its military actions. 219