Germany's President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the 'Joint European Home' dream turned into a nightmare with the Ukrainian war triggered. He said that on the 77th anniversary of the termination of World War II.

Iran PressCommentary: Steinmeier referred to the 'Joint European Home' landscape the Leader of the Former Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachov had given to Europe: "Today, this dream has come true and nightmares have taken its place."

He stressed the Russian military attack on Ukraine and called it a "disruption" that forced the European people to witness a painful reality. 

The German president emphasized the spoil of the dream with regard to the recent developments in Europe, particularly the war on Ukraine in the 21st century, which was far from being imagined. Of course, he, like other Western leaders, tries to blame only Russia for the war among other developments. 

Yet, the role of the West, led by the US, in preparing the grounds for the war on Ukraine and the devastating consequences of that is undeniable. 

He says the war on Ukraine is threatening the existence of the country, adding that the invasion of Ukraine aims also to target liberal democracy's ideals which are freedom, equality, and respect for humanity.  

Although a country's attack on the other is illegal according to the UN Charter, the intentional practice of the western leaders, including Germany's President, in ignoring the provocative acts of the West, NATO included, in pursuing their expansionism toward the East and the membership of Ukraine in NATO without taking Russia's agreement into account, is considered as an effort to diverge the two countries much more and preparing the grounds for the Russian attack on Ukraine. 

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on the occasion of the victory anniversary of World War II: "The threats were growing day by day and we had to do something. This was the decision of a powerful and independent country."

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To say further, Russia has emphasized in the recent decade the formation of a new security order in Europe, independent from the US.

From Moscow's point of view, the US military presence in Europe just escalated tensions between Russia and Europe, and the US seeks its ambitious goals and interests in terms of the NATO-Russia conflict.

Today, even among the EU countries a kind of divergence is being formed in different areas such that some member states like Poland and Hungary have turned into the rebels in the union, preferring overtly their national rules and sovereignty over the decisions made by the EU.  

Furthermore, the Ukrainian war has much more illustrated the divergence in terms of energy sanctions on Russia by Europe. Some countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovakia are yet warning about the deleterious consequences the European approach will lift on their economies.   

To put it in a nutshell, the idea of the Joint European Home is a spoiled dream either in terms of a peaceful environment or a convergent union.


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