IP- In response to remarks by the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Gaza, the Israeli Prime Minister said that Yahya al-Sinwar should not win.

Iran PressMiddle East: On Sunday morning, the Israeli regime's media published statistics on the number of Israelis killed in the operations in recent weeks. Sixteen Israelis have been killed in cold steel attacks and shootings since the beginning of March, Al Jazeera reported, quoting Israeli state television.

Hamas leader Yahya al-Sinwar in the Gaza Strip said yesterday (Saturday) that resistance groups in Gaza must be ready because the battle (with the Zionist regime) will begin at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Al-Sinwar added that the resistance prefers not to turn the battle into a religious struggle, but if the leaders of the occupying regime (Israel) and the extremists want it, the resistance will welcome it.

The head of Hamas' political bureau also called on the Raam Party (United Arab List) to leave the coalition of the Zionist regime's cabinet to cause it to collapse.

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The Prime Minister of the occupying regime in Al-Quds, Naftali Bennett, stated that Hamas should not be allowed to win the next internal elections and overthrow the Zionist government.

Israeli media today, quoting a site close to Mossad, suggested assassinating al-Sinwar. Yahya Al-Sinwar is the current Palestinian leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip, having taken over from Ismail Haniyeh in February 2017. He was one of the co-founders of the security apparatus of Hamas. He is the second most powerful figure within Hamas.


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