Nigerian police opened fire on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (Shi’ites), rallying in support of Palestine, leaving one dead and 10 others injured.

Iran PressAfrica: Every year, with the arrival of the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, fasting Muslims in many countries around the world celebrate this day by participating in the International Quds Day procession.

The clash occurred while "the Shi’ites" were on a procession to mark the annual International Quds day; usually celebrated with a procession on the last Friday of Ramadan to protest against Israeli occupation of Palestine.”

The leader of the Shi’ites in Kaduna, Aliyu Umar, said he wondered why they should be prevented from celebrating the annual Quds Day, a global event commemorated even in Europe.

Ammar Muhammad Rajab, a journalist, and an eyewitness, told Iran Press that members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria(the Shi’ites) were about to close the peaceful procession, but when the protesters were passing, members of the Nigerian Police from Sabon Gari Divisional Police Headquarters opened fire on the peaceful Quds Day procession. He said many people, including the injured ones, have been arrested and taken to Kaduna.

” The procession was peaceful, we tried to avoid the police who were already stationed in strategic position to block us. But they trailed us from behind and used teargas and live bullets on our members. One person was shot dead, we have just held the Janazah prayers and nine sustained bullet wounds,” he said.

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Moreover, the Lebanese Al-Ahd news website announced on Saturday that a demonstrator had been killed, adding that some Nigerian cities on the last day of Ramadan witnessed mass demonstrations condemning the Israeli regime's attacks on occupied Jerusalem and commemorating International Quds Day.

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have observed the Quds Day procession for many years. The 2022 processions were held peacefully in more than 25 towns and cities across Nigeria, except in Kaduna and Zaria, where the security forces opened fire.

Nigerian people continue to criticize the Government under President Buhari, the military, and Police who mostly attack unarmed civilians, while on the other hand, takfiri terrorists and armed bandits continue to attack the citizens and destroy houses and infrastructures.

The participants in the demonstration condemned the Zionist regime's continuous attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque and its crimes against the Palestinian people. The demonstrators also called on the Muslim Ummah to confront the Zionist occupiers.

Earlier, Sheikh Al-Zakzaki, the leader of Nigeria's Shias, had called on his supporters to do everything in their power to make this year's World Quds Day different from previous years.

Before that, at least 35 Shia Muslims, including three of El-Zakzaky’s sons, were killed by troops during a Quds Day procession in July 2014.


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