London (IP) - A group of supporters of the oppressed Palestinian people marched on a tourist bus in London, carrying the Palestinian flag and shouting "Freedom of Holy Quds."

Iran PressEurope: 'Israel is a terrorist', in front of the British Parliament holding flags in support of the oppressed Palestinian people in the main streets of London on Friday evening.

This was the second rally in support of the oppressed Palestinian people in London in the past week on the occasion of World Al-Quds Day, and the main rally was held last Sunday in London with a large crowd of Palestinian supporters from various British cities.

Massoud Shadjareh, the head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission in Britain and the coordinator of the World Al-Quds Day rally in London, said in an interview with Iran Press in London: "The designation of World Al-Quds Day is a unique initiative and design, because it has allowed ordinary people around the world to shout against the oppressor."

Talking about what effect World Al-Quds Day has on the security of Israel? Shajareh stated: "Al-Quds Day has taught us that the way to deal with apartheid is not to reform it, but to threaten the existence of this regime."

The head of the Islamic Human Rights Commission in Britain also responded to the question of what effect Quds Day will have on Palestinian youth saying: "We are in contact with the Palestinian youth and with the Al-Quds Day rallies, they will be more motivated to continue the struggle."

"We have come to stand up to Israeli regime and we want to show that Jews and Muslims stand together and have no problem with each other," a Jewish rabbi told Iran Press in London during a World Quds Day march on a tourist adding: "In London, we hold the flag of Palestinian liberation and we oppose the occupation."

"In front of the British Parliament, we warn the government and the Prime Minister, as well as US officials, that their support for Israeli regime is completely wrong," the Jewish rabbi stressed.

A pro-Palestinian youth also called Al-Quds Day a world day, saying that all countries are chanting anti-Zionist slogans.

The pro-Palestinian youth added that the new generation and today's youth, inspired by Al-Quds Day, have known more about Palestine and that the future of Palestine is more hopeful.

He added that the Israeli regime, which is known only with the support of the West, is becoming more and more hated and unpoular in public opinion.

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