Tehran (IP) - Deputy Minister of Customs Affairs of Iran announced that the country's trade balance had surpassed 800 million dollars in the first month of the Persian year (March 21, April 20, 2022) due to an increase in the value of the exported cargoes.

Iran PressIran news: Foroud Asgari stated that in the first month of the year, Iran's non-oil exports reached 7,324,000 Tons and were valued at $ 3.699 billion, increasing 25 percent in value despite a 10 percent drop in weight over the same period last year. 

He pointed out that Iran's imports in the mentioned period were 2,252,000 tons of goods worth 2.824 billion dollars, growing 10% in terms of weight and 1% in value compared to the same period the previous year.

The deputy minister of customs affairs further said: "Considering Iran's exports of 3.699 billion dollars and imports of 2,824 billion dollars in in the first month of Persian year (March 21, April 20, 2022), the country's trade balance shows a positive 756 million dollars."


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