Tehran (IP) - Iran exhibited its new ballistic missiles " Kheibar Shekan" and "Emad 3" in the Quds Day rally in the capital Tehran.

Iran Press/Iran News: The International Quds Day rallies began on Friday across Iran and other countries with people from different walks of life showing their solidarity with the oppressed and resilient people of Palestine.

"Kheibar Shekan" and "Emad 3" ranges respectively reach 1,450 and 1,700 kilometers.

High velocity, passing enemies' defense systems, very low error, maneuverability, the capability of being guided until the last moment of hitting the target, and the capability of being fired from fixed and mobile launchers are among the characteristics of the ballistic missiles.

Performing songs, signing a scroll to confront the crimes of the Israeli regime, reciting the Quran along the rally routs, displaying the Resistance Front's missiles on the sidelines of the march, and the presence of the Iranian Jewish community representatives was among other programs in the rally in Tehran. 

The rallies to mark "International Quds Day" on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan and at the same time with the reduction of the coronavirus pandemic in the country began with the presence of people, military, and states officials throughout Iran.

On the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, by the initiative of the Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Imam Khomeini, Muslim people across the world keep the Palestinian issue alive and show solidarity with the people of Palestine.


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