Tehran (IP) - The resolution of the International Quds Day rally stressed the liberation of Al-Quds and the oppressed nation of Palestine.

Iran Press/Iran News: The full text of the resolution is as follows:                              

In the name of God

Infinite praise and thanks to God Almighty who gave us the opportunity after Layali al-Qadr and on the eve of Eid al-Fitr and celebrating the victory of the fasting people over ego, with an epic and powerful presence in the 'Great Quds Day Rally' with the great resurrection of the Islamic Ummah in all parts of the world, together and once again, we voice 'support for the dignified resistance of the oppressed and Muslim people of Palestine' and exposed to the world the failure of the normalization front and the acceleration of the decline of the usurping Israeli regime and hatred of the domination and arrogance front.

43 years after the miraculous initiative of the great architect of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini, and the wise and prudent guidance and leadership of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the ideal of 'freedom of Holy Quds' and 'liberation of the oppressed nation of Palestine' were manifested, and the Israeli regime's dream of 'dominating the Nile to the Euphrates' was nullified and the realization of the 'Greater Middle East' has been annulled and the fake and temporary Israeli regime is rapidly on the verge of declining; we, the participants in the international Quds Day rally, which is the manifestation of 'Islamic unity' in support of Palestine and the ground of support for the "national security" of Iran, express our positions to the world.

1- Considering the liberation of Holy Quds and the liberation of the oppressed and defenseless nation of Palestine from the domination of the occupying Zionist regime and the attempt to uproot the Zionist regime as the lofty ideal of the Islamic world, condemning any compromise, as well as the normalization of relations with the occupying Israel, which has taken place regardless of the great historical experiences and mistakes of the past, we consider it an unforgivable betrayal and a dirty conspiracy to weaken the Islamic Resistance Front and destroy the oppressed Palestinian cause. We condemn anyone who wants to divert the minds of the Islamic Ummah from this sinister plan.

2- Considering the International Quds Day and supporting the Palestinian people as the support of 'National Security of Islamic Iran' and the cause of 'unity of the Islamic Ummah' against the conspiracies of the domination and arrogance system, while emphasizing the need to deepen anti-Israel resistance, we call on the international and regional organizations to take decisive and practical positions and support the only solution to the Palestinian problem, which is 'the return of Palestinian refugees from all over the world and holding a comprehensive and free referendum to guarantee the future of this country' and oppose any alternative and oppressive theatrical solution.

3- We consider the successive defeats of the United States and the Zionist regime and the reactionary Wahhabism in the strategic region of West Asia, which has dispelled the illusion of the invincibility of the Zionist army and its security impenetrability, as signs of the decline of domineering system and Zionism in the region and emphasize the decisive and comprehensive spiritual and effective support of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the anti-Zionist resistance front, especially the zealous Palestinian Mujahideen and fighters.

4- We declare hatred and disgust for the deadly silence of the international community and human rights organizations against the racism, genocide, and inhuman crimes of the fake Zionist regime; and highlight revealing the crimes and evils of this regime against the nations, especially the Palestinian people, as well as its evil crimes against the Iranian nation during the last 60 years, including cooperation in the formation of SAVAK, the bloody tragedy of September 9, 1978, the assassination of nuclear scientists, etc. as examples of 'Jihad of Clarification' and we ask the responsible institutions and agencies in this field as well as media practitioners to use the existing capacities and opportunities to explain the regime's crimes list and the reasons why the Islamic Republic voices support for the Intifada and Palestine, especially for the young generation of the Islamic community and take urgent and effective action.

5- We declare the United States and the ruling mafia and terrorist regime of this country as our 'number one enemy' and by condemning the breaches of the obligations and the arrogant and deceitful behavior of the White House in the face of the Islamic Republic of Iran's rights while supporting the nuclear negotiating team, we considered the all-out lifting of sanctions and verification and ensuring the obedience of the Americans to it as the only way to protect national rights and interests, and condemn any violation and negligence in this regard, and consider it contrary to the strategic considerations of the system and the great leader of the Islamic Revolution.

6- We consider the missile deterrence authority and capabilities and the decisive spiritual influence of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic, especially the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) in the region, as the strategic capital of the country and warn the enemies of this land to avoid any mischief and dreaming to undermine or attack this land, which is the red line of the Iranians, otherwise will face with the decisive, destructive and regrettable responses of Iran.


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