Tehran (IP) - Intelligence forces in the province of Kurdistan (western Iran) arrested the organizational core of the Komala terrorist group.

Iran PressIran News: The General Intelligence Office of Kurdistan Province of Iran announced in a statement: On the eve of the International Day of Quds, the intelligence forces identified and arrested the organizational core of the Komala terrorist group.

According to the statement, the Komala group, which has a history of terrorist acts and assassinations of citizens, has in recent years been led by foreign intelligence services to deviate from the path of social demands; in addition to covert activities, it has organized propaganda against Islam and blackmails against the country in an organized manner.

The statement said that the group members, led from abroad, intended to overshadow the International Day of Quds and Labor Day by creating insecurity occasionally.

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Gathering information from guilds and economic problems, inciting rallies in front of governorates, trying to provoke clashes and riots, documenting rallies, making false news about the killing or suicide of Kurdish women, and insulting religious sanctities have been the core activities of this group.

The Komala terrorist group, after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, has committed crimes in the Kurdish regions, especially in the Kurdish province of Iran, which will never be erased from the minds of the people of these regions.

The burning of a Sunni cleric in his books, and the martyrdom of several family members, are a small part of the Komala terrorist group's crimes against the people of Iranian Kurdistan.


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